MIT MCVC students have Invented a Robot

The following materials were used for developing Pick and Place Robot.

  • Microcontroller P89V51 RD2
  • D.C. Motors ( One for lifting arm and one for movement of 180 degree )
  • Vacuum pump
  • SMPS power supply
  • Opto coupler
  • Relay

The Microcontroller P89V51 RD2 will control the complete system operation. After manual setting of position one start pulse is to given to controller which switch on the vacuum pump to lift the paper . After that the supply is given to the motor and it will cut off after lifting it to predefined position. The supply is given to the motor to rotate the arm up to 180 degree. The two change over relay is used for clockwise and anticlockwise movement of motor. Ones the arm rotate 180 degree the vacuum pump switch off to release the paper and cycle repeats.

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